Step One: Upload Designs and Adjust Cut Settings

Start by uploading the free bow svg into Design Space and deleting the designs you don't plan to use. For this particular t-shirt I'm using the bow as well as the outline.

Since I'm cutting the outline of the bow out of traditional heat transfer vinyl, I turned the mirror option on in the cut settings window for that particular image. However, patterned heat transfer vinyl is cut with the pattern facing up so mirror should be left off for the bow part of the design.

Step Two: Cut Designs

Place the smooth heat transfer vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny side facing down and load the mat into the machine.

Press the flashing start button to cut the outline of the bow.

Step Three: Weed Images

Once cutting is complete, use scissors to free the cut images from the sheet of htv then remove the excess vinyl from around each design.

Step Four: Transfer Designs

Cut the heat transfer mask to size and apply it over the patterned image using a scraper tool.

Press the design for 10 seconds without a teflon sheet then place a teflon sheet over the design and press for an additional 30 seconds.